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With over a decade long experience of serving in the SEO Marketing industry, I was one of the pioneering digital marketing experts in the country and at all times throughout my career, I have strive to stay at par with latest technological changes and google algorithms in the SEO industry.
Responsible For Making Small to Medium Businesses a Success Story of Today’s World. Some of my greatest career achievements include, Dawaai, HomeShopping, Foodpanda,

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    Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq

    No.1 SEO Expert in Pakistan having 11 years of experience.

    During my illustrative career in the industry of SEO Marketing, I have worked with all size and industries from local startups to international giant organizations and for SMEs to multi-million dollar online stores with my SEO Consultancy.

    My technological capacity and command over the search engine optimization enable me to offer a unique and completely customized SEO marketing / Digital marketing strategy that relates with individual business model and its online success. I am a vivid learner as well as trainer and frequently conducts SEO training sessions to help younger generation take their place in the field. So, connect with me now and let me take your business to the highest international stages so you’re able to achieve all organizational bottom lines.


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    Image - SEO Services by SEO Expert PakistanAs a top SEO consultant and service provider of SEO in Pakistan, we are focused on bringing your business real results by applying result-orient SEO strategies on your website to give it a boom in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. I do not work alone to serve all the respected customers, its a team of professional SEO marketers working under my supervision and most of the experts are personally trained by me. Its always my priority to employee my best SEO students to use their expertise on my honorable clients’ website after a good time of practice to make sure they don’t apply their practices on any of our client’s site.


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    It’s an undeniable fact that everyone wants to work with experts and professionals when it comes to the business and when you are paying a good amount to someone, you must expect professional work against your $$$. We are a team of highly professional SEO marketers that enables us to provide high quality services in a professional way. We provide a detailed SEO Marketing reports along with work progress report that helps you understand how the work is going on and where are you standing as compared to the date you started working with us. Our professional team enables us to keep our clients satisfied and happy with the result. 

    SEO Marketing Service

    I have Proven my SEO Service skills for Pakistan’s Largets and Well know brands including,, –, Mygerrys (Gerrys Group of Companies) as well as for other international level companies across the world. A continuous market research is going on to input the superior SEO services coming out with the refined online marketing outputs. So, taken as a whole I can say that if you want to receive the comprehensive SEO consultancy services M.Rammez Ul- Haq can be the one stop destination waiting for you with the tailor-made SEO solutions.

    Pay Per Click Service

    I have been providing Pay Per Click campaign management service for a decade and helped number of companies worldwide with my PPC services by creating result-oriented PPC campaigns. I am confident delivering the continuous user-friendly services to my clients. I have been successful carrying out a detailed digital marketing survey thus coming out with the hidden technologies that I implement particularly in my PPC packages that afford the practical benefits to my clients.  Even I am capable conveying the outstanding services outside of Pakistan such as UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

    SEO Training in Karachi

    Learn from a trainer who has been featured 4 times in the world’s largest web magazine ( for his SEO tips and techniques. Lead SEO and eCommerce SEO Trainer at EraofEcom – Gateway to eCommerce Success. Served his services to Pakistan’s Largest and Well known brands on National or Internation Level “,,,, (Gerry’s Group of Companies),, Infocabs Global, Top3 Media Singapore, Mamango Pvt Ltd and 100s more!

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    Rameez Ul Haq is the No.1 SEO Marketing Service provider and Consultant in Pakistan, have served to a number of customers worldwide.

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    Why should you invest in mobile advertising?

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    The incredible mobile commerce revolution has reflected a huge rise in total ad spent in 2015. Spending on mobile ads is projected to surpass the figure of $100 Billion by 2016 after witnessing more than 50% spent on mobile ads of total digital ads for the first time. Many online businesses and brands have realized the importance of mobile advertising and allocating budgets for mobile advertisement than ever before.

    Mobile advertisement is more targeted and effective for business owners as it enables business owners to see when customers interact with their website or app and how they behave with the content and make purchases or inquiries. One can further explore about the incoming mobile visitors such as location, demographic and lifestyle through Google analytics.

    Mobile commerce has also emerged as a big deal even in Pakistani market after commencing of 3G / 4G in Pakistan. Big companies came to Pakistan and started their operations, including Careem, Uber, and various other brands.

    Minister of IT & Telecommunication has stated that we are all set to welcome big companies including Amazon, eBay, PayPal.

    So the present and future of Mobile commerce in Pakistan is bright and has very huge scope, if you are already in business or planning to go online then consider a mobile optimized website as a priority.

    It is crucial to have a mobile optimized website before planning any mobile advertising campaign to enjoy fruitful results and achieving high ROI through mobile ads.

    Customer behavior differs between mobile devices, desktop and laptops. So it is a must to do step to explore the differences between behaviors to provide better user-experience and spend smartly on the online advertisement.

    Mobile SEO is more than creating a mobile compatible and a responsive website.

    Contact me to learn more.

    Finally Google has rolled out MobileGeddon, Mobile Friendly Update on 21st April 2015

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    Google has warned many times webmasters to improve their websites for mobile users, and has tested many user-experience metrics in the search listings in the past. As we know mobile search trend is highly increased in last 3 years and mobile usage going to be take over desktop search trend by 2017. Google takes these trends very seriously and always be ready to the future and providing good experience to its users.

    Google has informed webmasters about Mobile Usability update through Webmaster Tool back in January 2015. Google’s Approach to the webmaster through “Webmaster Tool” considered an alarm in search industry and SEO’s and Analyst never prefer to ignore these messages.

    Google has said that “Mobile Friendly Algorithm has greater impact on search ranks than Panda and Penguin”. The webmaster trend team of Google, Zineb Ait Bahajji in their statement at SMX Munich has said that the Mobile Friendly algorithm will create a much greater impact as compared to that of Panda and Penguin.

    While going back to the period when Penguin and Panda 3.1 algorithm updates were rolled out, they gave a server hit to large majority of websites. So you can analyse what the Mobile Friendly algorithm will be capable of doing. This new update will give a severe blow to the sites which are not developed to be Mobile Friendly.

    The reason behind giving them a hit is that Google has already announced about its update in January of the same year.

    Google has also said that “Mobile Friendly Algorithm will also effect on Desktop” means If a website fails to pass Google’s mobile friendly test will also lose its current traffic. Furthermore, in the statement it was also mentioned that more than 12% of search queries from mobile will get impacted but however no specific percentage was mentioned.

    Anyways, if you are facing a sudden drop in your Google Ranks and Traffic after the rolling out of this Mobile Friendly update you can feel free to contact me for free Consultation and advice.

    Google Identifies Smarter Ways Of Ranking Websites

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    Google has relied upon numerous tools for ranking websites over the years such as algorithms and programs. However, the introduction of new updates such as Penguin and Panda has revived the way in which ranks a website courtesy SEO features. The same situation can no longer be considered reliable as the technology has developed faster in recent times. Getting along with the latest trends of ranking a website has influenced the search engine major to a maximum extent making it consider several features at the same time. Interesting concepts are unveiled by the reputed firm to ensure that the websites are ranked better and in a genuine manner.

    TV Rank is the new buzzword in the search engine world that has been brought to the fore by Google in a successful manner. Several eyebrows have already been raised with the advent of this new ranking system. Perhaps, the new process will make inroads into your home directly with the consideration of several features in a comprehensive fashion. Numerous signals will propel Google in ranking websites in a more accurate manner due to which the best results are experienced with ease without going through any complex situations of ranking anymore.

    Perfect analysis could be made regarding the latest processes to be considered for ranking websites in an effective fashion. Search results will be more structured because of the highly effective process chosen to realize the desired benefits without going through any major issues. Perhaps, the relatively breakthrough process is considered to assess the linking patterns online resulting in a better ranking system with ease. The involvement of the physical locations of an individual user using search engine is regarded as the most crucial aspect in determining the exact preferences in detail.

    Latest TV ranking system will help in conceptualizing the new process with the inclusion of several features with ease. Enough importance is given to search history as well prioritizing the personal preferences of an individual in detail. Such data collected from a broader perspective will influence the way in which search engine ranks each website without foregoing upon an individual requirements. Now, those programs that a person watches on television could be a driving force in ranking websites with a holistic approach. More updates are yet to be generated in order to determine the exact ways Google will be able to convert the signals into ranking factors.

    With the securing of a patent in this regard, the same could be seen as the major victory of Google in revolutionizing the way search engine is used. Imagine the impact that your television watching habits could make upon the search engine ranking system in a direct fashion. Though it might appear to be unbelievable during the first instance, the fact that the systematic approach is considered for the ranking process will prove to be most effective on an overall. The role of television programs in determining the ultimate ranking prospects with active representation of various websites will prove to be more interesting in the near future when the project is implemented on a full scale.

    Get The Best Benefits of SEO Training By Choosing An Experienced Trainer

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    For most online businesses, creating a strong online presence and having a better search engine ranking is the key to ensuring the success of their online venture. However, with the growing popularity of internet as a means of availing various products and services, the competition level has definitely reached its peak. As such, seeking professional SEO services has become an integral aspect of online business promotion. With the awareness about the scope and growth opportunities offered by an SEO course, spreading like wild fire, a larger number of students today are opting for SEO training programs after completing their Bachelor’s degree.  If you are planning to pursue an SEO training course, it is important to be aware of some basic aspects that can prove helpful in the selection of the right course.

    Understanding The Scope Of An SEO Course

    Many individuals tend to do what most of the people are doing without actually analyzing whether it is right for us or not. This is equally true for most of you who choose to enroll for an SEO course as you simply opt for it because most of your friends are doing the same. However, if you intend to ensure a truly successful career in this field it is important to understand a few basic things about how an SEO training course can prove helpful for you in achieving your career objectives.  

    The most important thing to understand about an SEO training program is that it educates you about the various professional aspects of search engine optimization This includes analyzing and improving a website from SEO point of view, getting familiar with concepts such a search engine ranking, keywords, ethical SEO and a lot more. Under a guidance of a proficient SEO trainer, you can learn to effectively utilize the various tools and strategies to improve the rankings and profitability of your clients’ business website.

    Another important factor that you need to know about SEO training course is the job opportunities that it makes available for you Depending on the duration of the course, the institute that you choose and in some manner, even your SEO trainer, you can get all sorts of SEO jobs ranging from the most basic SEO executives to the highly paid SEO team leaders and mangers. However, one thing is sure that as you gain greater experience in the field your career prospects are surely going to improve.

    What The SEO Course Should Contain

    Just understanding the scope of an SEO Course is not enough as you also need to be aware of what you will get to learn through the course. Generally, the course content depends largely on the course duration and in some cases even the proficiency of the SEO trainer. But if you intend to enjoy a fruitful career in the field of SEO, it is better to choose a course that offers to teach most of the following topics.

    ·         Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    ·         Keyword Research & Analysis

    ·         Competitor Analysis & Finalization

    ·         On-Site SEO Factors

    ·         Link Building Techniques

    ·         Content Optimization

    ·         Google PageRank

    ·         Googel Algorithm & SEO

    ·         Steps of SEO

    ·         SEO for Dynamic Websites

    ·         SEO for e-Commerce websites

    ·         How to Bet your Competitors

    ·         SEO SPAM (Black Hat & Gray Hat Techniques)

    ·         Tricks to Boost your Traffic

    ·         Website Monitoring & Enhancements

    ·         Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

    A comprehensive SEO training course stresses on making the students excel in the most strategic skills rather them providing them incomplete information about all the topics. In addition most reputed SEO institutes also focus on imparting practical training through real life scenarios where students can learn to face the actual challenges of website optimization and enhanced traffic generation.

    Choosing the Best SEO Trainer

    The one thing that makes any SEO course truly beneficial for the students undertaking the same is the expertise of the instructor. Only and experienced SEO trainer like Rameez can guide students in a manner that brings nurtures their inherent skills and educates them to use them in tandem with the SEO tools for optimum results. The fact that Rameez takes only five students for his SEO training course at a time is an indication of his level of dedication and commitment to making every student an expert in this field. His expertise in providing the best SEO training to students has made him famous not only in Pakistan but in countries like Singapore as well, where he had recently gone to train the employees of a No.1 Digital marketing company.  Students having trained under the able guidance of Rameez are sure to earn name, fame and great financial benefits in their career as competent and knowledgeable SEO professionals. 

    Google Panda 4.0 Rolled Out Today

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    Google Panda 4.0 It would be Major Algorithm update unlike data refreshes which we hear normally. Google Designed Panda 4.0 update to prevent sites with low quality or Stolen and Spun contents from getting top rankings in Google search results.


    Why Google has to made changes to Panda Algorithm?

    Answer is Simple because Google must have identified that there are many sites and webmasters are involved in unethical SEO Techniques. However it is expected that Panda 4.0 will be gentler for some small businesses like Services and eCommerce sites and might hurt local business websites.

    You can contact me for Panda 4.0 or Penguin Penalty Removal.


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