Digital Marketing Course in Karachi

Digital Marketing Course in Karachi

Digital Marketing is a Backbone of YOUR BUSINESS

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Empowering Marketers of the Future!

A decade back, the digital revolution took over the world with a storm. Although the effects of the digital storm took some time to shake up Pakistan’s business landscape, gladly it had arrived a few years back. Today, the world has already moved to digitization and there’re endless opportunities for digital marketing professionals in the global spectrum. Keeping in view the high demand of digital marketers in the country, we have launched our latest full-fledged digital marketing training courses in Karachi.

Empowering Marketers of the Future!

A Brief Introduction to the Firm:

Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm is one of the pioneers of SEO and digital marketing services in Pakistan. Started over a decade ago, we are proudly among the pioneers of the industry in Pakistan and over the years have helped hundreds of local and international businesses reach a global audience and improve business efficiencies. With endless experience, deep industry knowledge and professional experts working under one umbrella, Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm is one of the finest digital marketing firm delivering quality digital marketing training and professional services to businesses and aspiring marketers.

Brief Introduction to the Course:

The training course in view is the most advanced digital marketing training course being offered in Karachi, Pakistan. The course curriculum is designed by leading industry professionals with deep expertise and firm knowledge of the trade, while Mr. Rameez Ul Haq has personally developed the course content to ensure inclusion of pressing technologies and skills of the trade that will get you ready for the head start to the professional career.

Taking the strategic route, the course has been divided into 9 tactical modules; each covering one comprehensive technology including:

✅ Search Engine Optimization

✅ Search Engine Marketing

✅ Social Media Optimization

✅ Google Analytics

✅ Social Media Analytics

✅ Mobile Marketing

✅ Email Marketing

✅ Affiliate Marketing

✅ Online Reputation Management

Benefits of taking Digital Marketing Course in Karachi

Digital marketing has just started making inroads into Pakistan’s business landscape. At present, there are endless untapped opportunities for digital marketing professionals to make an impact. This certification course comes with complete industry recognition and instills key skills, knowledge, and experience for aspiring marketers to make their way into the lucrative digital marketing industry. With hundreds of new digital start-ups popping out each year, there is an acute shortage of skilled digital marketers and businesses across all industries are willing to give out bigger paychecks to hire experienced and skilled digital marketing professionals. In all of the above scenario, this is an ideal course that offers key marketing strategies including SEO, SEM, and PPC Google AdWords etc. to help candidates gain practical insight into the marketing domain.

Benefits-of-taking-Digital-Marketing-Course-rameez ul haq

How will this Course Help YOU?

Digital marketing course offered by M. Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm will help you in:

✅ Master the art of strategizing, initiating and executing digital marketing tools with Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube Marketing and Twitter Advertising.

✅ Gain a practical and professional world experience of designing and execution of marketing tools and techniques for all platforms.

✅ Prepare and pass the digital marketing certification exams with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Who should attend this Course?

This course is ideal for students who are willing to pursue a career in the marketing industry as well as professional marketers who want to advance their careers using the latest techniques and tools. To keep up with the needs of businesses, the course content is designed as to also help business owners learn the core marketing strategies which will empower them to take charge of their marketing needs.

Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm – Incubating the Marketers for a Decade!

The world of digital marketing can be hard to traverse given the overwhelming frequency of changes and evolution of core strategies. At Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm, we have enabled 100s of Pakistani marketers to get to the nerve of this crucial technology and make an impact for themselves as well as for the overall development of the industry.

This course is our ultimate digital marketing training course that encompasses the entire working and systems of digital marketing.

To verify Certificates Issued by Our Training Program Please Contact through our website. You can also send the scanned/Photo copy of the certificate by post to our address for verification purpose, verification process can take up to 48 hours.

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