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    Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq

    No.1 SEO Expert in Pakistan having 11 years of experience.

    During my illustrative career in the industry of SEO Marketing, I have worked with all size and industries from local startups to international giant organizations and for SMEs to multi-million dollar online stores with my SEO Consultancy.

    My technological capacity and command over the search engine optimization enable me to offer a unique and completely customized SEO marketing / Digital marketing strategy that relates with individual business model and its online success. I am a vivid learner as well as trainer and frequently conducts SEO training sessions to help younger generation take their place in the field. So, connect with me now and let me take your business to the highest international stages so you’re able to achieve all organizational bottom lines.


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    Image - SEO Services by SEO Expert PakistanAs a top SEO consultant and service provider of SEO in Pakistan, we are focused on bringing your business real results by applying result-orient SEO strategies on your website to give it a boom in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. I do not work alone to serve all the respected customers, its a team of professional SEO marketers working under my supervision and most of the experts are personally trained by me. Its always my priority to employee my best SEO students to use their expertise on my honorable clients’ website after a good time of practice to make sure they don’t apply their practices on any of our client’s site.


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    Professionals like professionalism.
    It’s an undeniable fact that everyone wants to work with experts and professionals when it comes to the business and when you are paying a good amount to someone, you must expect professional work against your $$$. We are a team of highly professional SEO marketers that enables us to provide high quality services in a professional way. We provide a detailed SEO Marketing reports along with work progress report that helps you understand how the work is going on and where are you standing as compared to the date you started working with us. Our professional team enables us to keep our clients satisfied and happy with the result. 

    SEO Marketing Service

    I have Proven my SEO Service skills for Pakistan’s Largets and Well know brands including,, –, Mygerrys (Gerrys Group of Companies) as well as for other international level companies across the world. A continuous market research is going on to input the superior SEO services coming out with the refined online marketing outputs. So, taken as a whole I can say that if you want to receive the comprehensive SEO consultancy services M.Rammez Ul- Haq can be the one stop destination waiting for you with the tailor-made SEO solutions.

    Pay Per Click Service

    I have been providing Pay Per Click campaign management service for a decade and helped number of companies worldwide with my PPC services by creating result-oriented PPC campaigns. I am confident delivering the continuous user-friendly services to my clients. I have been successful carrying out a detailed digital marketing survey thus coming out with the hidden technologies that I implement particularly in my PPC packages that afford the practical benefits to my clients.  Even I am capable conveying the outstanding services outside of Pakistan such as UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

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    Learn from a trainer who has been featured 4 times in the world’s largest web magazine ( for his SEO tips and techniques. Lead SEO and eCommerce SEO Trainer at EraofEcom – Gateway to eCommerce Success. Served his services to Pakistan’s Largest and Well known brands on National or Internation Level “,,,, (Gerry’s Group of Companies),, Infocabs Global, Top3 Media Singapore, Mamango Pvt Ltd and 100s more!

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    ecommerce seo 2019 guide

    eCommerce SEO 2019 – Essential eCommerce SEO Implementation Guide.

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    In this lengthy blog I will cover ecommerce SEO Implementation in 2019 

    The biggest mistake every brand does in developing their brand new ecommerce website is saving money by not getting professional SEO super-vision in the whole process. 

    I highly recommend to hire a experienced SEO expert to look after the development process.

    But if your budget does not allow to hire an SEO specialist then It’s Okay, because after reading and implementing this guide you won’t need to hire SEO specialist 😉 

    The most common mistake is to overlook SEO importance during developing an ecommerce website in the era even a little element can harm your efforts like if you talk about URL structure. 

    Some website owners does not even know about URL structure which forms the basis of your SEO Strategy. 

    Imagine you are going to have huge website which will offer 100s of items separately for different audience like men, women, kids, businesses, fashion enthusiast etc.

    How you will plan URL for this kind of website?

    I have seen a few example in my career where an ecommerce store put lot of money building strong online base for their brand and bring traffic and sales and they wasted a lot of their budget by ignoring this small but VERY important element. 

    In this particular example they did not have any mechanism to offer different colors/variants of a product on different urls. So they had to add multiple products to their store to cater to their online marketing team, I bet you must have seen or experienced this kind of scenario in your career too. 

    I contacted their development to form a mechanism to host product variants on the same product URL where product url can be changed if the different color is selected. 

    Please notice, you have to use Canonical URL structure to manage identical duplicate issue in the scenario. 

    However It is just one example of what consequences you can expect if you ignore one little factor of SEO during your development, 

    In this guide we are just covering what SEO factors you should track during development of the website. 

    Here is the list for core eCommerce SEO Factors

    1. On-Page SEO Support
    2. URL Structure
    3. Navigation
    4. Sitemap
    5. Page Speed 
    6. Mobile View Optimization 

    1. On-Page SEO Support. 

    Most of the time ecommerce store built and start running without this basic SEO function which enables website owners to create custom SEO titles, meta descriptions for products, categories, brand pages.

    If you are using Shopify then there is a lot of free SEO plugins available on ShopifyAppStore that offers this functionality and other cool features too.

    2. URL Structure

    I have already discussed the importance of URL structure in this blog but for more details and clearer understanding you should create a category structure of your website in an excel sheet like in the image to plan the whole website structure before going to development.

    Note: This is a golden standard of creating URL structure for any kind of website, make sure you use it correctly with keeping your future business plans in mind.

    3. Navigation 

    The second step is to give easy to understand navigation to your users that is also aligned with your URL structure. Research shows that user exit your website if he does not find the desired information in 4 steps. Land > Navigate > Search > Result if not found 80% user will exit the website immediately. 

    4. Sitemap

    Sitemap indirectly helps your website by giving meaningful insights like how many pages you currently have on your website and from Google search console you can see how many pages are indexed out of submitted pages in XML Sitemap. Break this myth that sitemap will index all the pages it contains but it helps google and other search engines to easily navigate all your important pages by getting your data in their preferred formats. 

    5. Page Speed

    Either its ecommerce or other business website page speed can make or break a website in Google. After 2015 Google is strictly account page speed for a web page ranking. Specially when it comes to mobile. 

    In 2019 if your website does not render in 3 secs then most likely your user will exit your website (According to google you lose upto 70% of traffic due to page load time issue). 

    You should monitor every type of page’s speed like test page speed for your home page and product page separately, half of the webmaster are happy to see their home page is loading faster but they overlook the basic thing that they only get a sale if their product page loads faster. So make sure you fix this issue everywhere. 

    6. Mobile View Optimization 

    Mobile page speed and mobile view is entirely different things. Make sure all your pages loaded properly on mobile view. 

    Specially look for the following elements. 
    • Product image
    • Your menu should not take more than 15% of the screen when loaded first time.
    • All the fonts are easily readable. 
    • All actionable/modifiable  functions such as change color, zoom, size chart etc works on single tap.
    • Add to cart button should appear on 2 and half scrolls max. 

    This list is not enough when it comes to mobile view optimization. Get UX expert and make sure you are not ignoring any single point here. 

    Following this eCommerce Essential SEO Implementation guide will help you start your store with basic but fundamental SEO Features. 

    For any more queries, you can write to me at Get in touch with me on Call or WhatsApp 03212236688 

    You can also enroll in our SEO Mastery Course to learn Advance SEO which I also teach in USA/Canada through EraOfEcom – eCommerce Success Platform.

    bugs in google search console

    Why SEO Community is frustrated over new Search Console Tools?

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    There has been abuzz about the new Google search console tools for quite some time now. Last year Google; the largest search engine decided to revamp its decades' old search console tools by transitioning to new tools slowly throughout 2018.

    But, why SEOs are frustrated over new Search Console Tool

    Well, there are various reasons why SEO professionals are frustrated over new search Console Tools, mainly because of erroneous reports and incomplete tools. Now, to be able to understand the full spectrum for SEOs frustration with the Google’s new search console, we will have to see the difference between the two consoles and then we will see things that have gone wrong in the new console.

    The Old Search Console:

    The legacy older version of search console enable users an easy and interactive interface to keep a watchful eye for their website’s search performance report. Apart from offering insightful search performance reports, the old console also offered users easy and quick recognition and correction of technical issues, which helped websites to avoid falling into any major problem.

    If you haven’t used the old console, it offered a quick and easy view of all technical and analytical parameters like total clicks, impressions, click through rates (CTRs) and others stacked on top of each other and just a single click away. Whereas, you would need to filter results for the country, device, search query, etc. which displayed one at a time were.

    Ok, so how does the new console change this?

    The New Search Console:

    Honestly, Google for some reason decided not to revamp or revise the old search console tools, rather it decided to go with totally new tools from the scratch, with the apparent purpose to offer a more in-depth and insightful user experience. The new tools also focused to offer quick identification and fixation of potential problems through webmaster tools. Moreover, the new console also offers multiple variables being displayed at one time so you don’t have to filter results one at a time. Now, all of these sounds pretty amazing (ask any SEO expert and they will love what we have written so far). However, there have been quite a few problems that have been going on around the new Google search engine console tools and that’s one reason why SEO companies are getting frustrated with these new tools.

    So, what are some of the issues faced by SEO companies with a new Google Search Console?

    To start off, for some reason, Google decided to go ahead with the new console tools anyway; without getting bugs fixed. And while we are already well into 2019, the new console still carries few broken/incomplete tools.

    Many website owners and SEO companies alike have been complaining about faulty/inaccurate product report in search console. Whereas, the new Data Analytics Tools is no way near the older tools, which was a formidable tool and an essential tool for all website owners and SEO companies alike. One big reason companies are getting highly anxious and frustrated with new Google Search engine console is the inability to get key analytics like impressions, CTR, clicks, and others at a time through the new console, previously this was easily accessible.

    To make things worse, SEO companies have been complaining of inaccurate error reporting and lastly, they gave up on alternative site verification methods, which simply add to the panic and chaos among website owners and SEO community and surely a frustrating aspect; something you don’t expect from Google.

    I will be adding more bugs and fixes in the coming days, subscribe to newsletter to get updates. 

    Any comments are welcomed 🙂 



    User-Experience Key Factor for Winning SEO Strategy in 2017

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    We have heard that user-experience is been the most vital part of every successful SEO campaign but many SEO's don't always pay serious attention to it, but this time you have to focus on user-experience either it's related to your mobile website or main navigation or website speed. Many of us agree that Google has put significant efforts to change the SEO game in last 5 years and most of its algorithm changes was related to user-experience including hummingbird, pigeon, mobile-geddon, Amplified mobile pages (AMP), website security and latest "Machine Learning" however it is under process and Google has not started its campaign to convert your structure to comply with this beast. All these algorithm changes are made to enhance user's experience on Google and off-course on the web, most do agree! 

    So what's the game now?


    That's the question you got in your mind now? Ahn alright, I will explain.




    A great design consists of three things "Responsive, Intuitive and Inviting". Again it's for user and bots both not for search engine only. 

    If you notice all big names don't change their web design and structure but keep enhancing their process to make it more useful and easier for the user's to interact. It's because they invested a lot to identify what work best for them and for the users and not want to lose their users by anyway.

    Content Creation and Readability

    Creating SEO optimized, keyword rich content has been a practice for most of the SEO's off-course it helps you increase your page's relevance and can provide you boost in rankings but again what happens if you achieved higher rankings but see high "bounce rate" on those pages? How will you translate that then? 


    Oh Man, I forgot to create content according to my user's interest.

    And you will notice due to that you are losing ranks on many other pages as well due to high bounce created by 1 particular page that contributed high chunk in average bounce rate of your website. 

    So a good design and great content that is written according to your audience's interest help you maintain your bounce rate and other important metrics that google accounts in ranking a web page.

    Off-course only this doesn't explain the whole user-experience there is the lot more to improve a website's UX and SEO. 




    Website performance is another important part of user experience and SEO, higher page load time kills all your efforts like a study conducted by Google says a user will most likely exit a web page if it doesn't respond it 8 seconds. 

    Optimizing performance is very very important for any website because Google is not the only one here to decide but it directly involves a user to take the decision. Make sure, your website loads faster by eliminating any render-blocking scripts, optimizing your images and HTML code. 


    Key Metrics to monitor

    IIt takes a long time to revisit on your website's content strategy and optimizing performance to connect UX with your SEO Strategy. Monitoring the user behavior is the next step to make sure it is working for you or not. Most important factors to measure the performance of your user experience and SEO: 


    • Bounce rate
    • Avg page/ session
    • Time on site
    • Goal/e-commerce conversion rate
    • Returning visitors


    Let's wait for 15 days or so to compare the previous date with the new one to see the difference, remember you must create customized reports to compare performance by devices not you have to work separately for mobile and desktop site. 

    Conclusion of this whole story is

    "SEO should live within and be a part of the user-experience"


    I welcome and appreciate any comments, suggestions, additions and queries 🙂

    Here’s all you need to know for an ultimate winning Online marketing campaign in 2017!

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    The only permanent aspect of life is “Change”. Well, this phrase also truly represents the change we see every day in our businesses and also in technology. There hasn’t been a point in history where we saw such rapid and dramatic evolution of technology in every field and we hope the trend continues. Talking about change, many optimistic gurus out there refer Change, being the mother of opportunity. If thus is true, then we need not to worry about rapid changing we see in digital marketing trends. Well, Digital marketing is one of the most evolving technology that has simply decimated the traditional marketing norms. If you want to succeed at global competitive markets today, you got to embrace the changing trends of digital marketing industry.

    Before we look at some of the core values of digital marketing and the way they are evolving, it is important to remember that digital marketing in itself is a multidimensional technology that incorporate diversified specialized fields. For a successful and competent digital marketing campaign in 2017, you need to formulate a winning strategy by effectively bringing together many core competencies and making them work seamlessly towards a single target.

    Among the various core competencies that together make a successful digital marketing campaigns, some of the more important ones include:

    • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing (Facebook Advertisement)
    • Paid Marketing (PPC)
    • CRM (Email marketing, B2B approach)

    Let’s examine one at a time the changing face of each of these core competencies that together will shape-up your ultimate digital marketing campaign in 2017.

    Content marketing (The King Maker):

    importance of content marketing in 2017

    It was stated by "Bill Gates in January, 1996 in his essay!  


    Content has remained one of the most powerful ammo for all aspects of digital marketing since early days. The efficacy of content still remains valid and high to-date with search engines looking for rich, informative and engaging content on websites.

    What though has changed is the writing practices of contents. Earlier contents were written around some specific keywords with little regard to relevant information. Today, a rich and effective content needs to incorporate long tail keywords tactically placed in between informative material with a sound call to action.

    Here’s what the content lookalike in digital marketing campaigns of 2017:

    • Live streams have been on the rise in terms of popularity. Facebook live, snapchat, YouTube Live and many other social media platforms are offering live streaming modes to attract viewers. These live channels present easy to use and interactive platforms for hosting of many interesting events, infographics, briefings and much more content related services.
    • B2B business campaigns are on the rise as companies realize the efficacy and far reaching potential of newsletters and email marketing. 2017 is perhaps the best time to excel your email marketing campaigns through newsletters and customized email contents. Stats have shown the increased open rates for emails and a rich and targeted content strategy can manifold its efficacy for business growth and building relations.

    So, if you are looking to take your site to the top of Search Engine ranking, it is highly advice to invest considerable in content development. Lookout for any rubbish content present at your site (this will take you deep down in case you don’t remove in the brink of time) and replace it with fresh, engaging and lively content now.

    Search Engine Optimization (Settling the odds straight)

    what seo changes you can expect in 2017

    Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is one of the most powerful resources available to online businesses to out-reach their potential customers globally. It is certainly one of the most sacred and long terms part of any digital marketing campaign that can’t be ignored. Search Engine Optimization is actually a combination of different techniques that together create a formidable foundation for organic ranking of websites over search engines (Google being the prime focus for all online businesses). It simply can be referred to as the marketing tool of modern world!

    Traditionally, SEO practices have been revolving around the strategy to ensure high rankings of few keywords for a website. This was primarily achieved by locating few significant keywords and then rigorously marketing them through content marketing of link building. However, the role of SEO in digital marketing campaigns of 2017 has changed completely. Today, SEO is a multi-faceted technique that supports the overall digital marketing strategy using several tools and techniques.

    Some important tools to formulate an efficient SEO strategy for digital marketing campaign in 2017 include:

    • Rich and targeted content development
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Mobile SEO – Read my previous on mobile friendly website and SEO
    • Machine Learning – (Say hello to automation)
    • Rich User Experience

    There’s no shortcut to success, gone are the days when SEO companies would claim top ranking within no time. It is highly advised to avoid any such agency which claim to take your site at top ranking in a blink of an eye. Trust reputed and honest SEO consultants with ethical SEO techniques. Remember, there’s no replacement of organic ranking and only a truly mastered SEO Consultant can get you there. 

    Social Media Marketing (Facebook advertisement)

    social media marketing trends in 2017

    Irrespective of the business model, social media platforms present an ideal platform for efficient, targeted and instant digital marketing campaigns. Social Media marketing have become one of the most powerful tools for digital marketing campaigns thanks to dedicated platforms available with all social media sites.

    Facebook for itself is the biggest social media network and owns some other beasts in industry including Instagram and WhatsApp. With over 1 Billion active users, Facebook is certainly the ideal platform to reach out to global clientele for your product /services. Realizing the potential of advertisement, Facebook has introduced a highly effective and targeted advertisement solution for businesses. This is an ideal platform for companies to laser target their ads towards interested users globally and get instant response. That’s why any digital marketing campaign without an effective and rigorous Facebook advertisement can lose its potential customer-base big time.

    A lot of unethical social media marketing agencies have been operating in Pakistan for quite a while. Here’s what you can lose to them. Any inorganic (unnatural) marketing trick will take your business deep down the well. Only an ethical, highly professional online marketing agency in Pakistan can help to generate targeted traffic to your site.

    PPC – Pay-per Click Advertisment 

    Paid Marketing or PPC is another direct and instant way to get higher traffic to your website. With the optimization level “Google” you can be sure of getting highly targeted marketing and immediate response through PPC marketing technique. Creating customized and targeted ads with relevant content for PPC marketing can significantly enhance your overall digital marketing campaign in 2017.

    Looking to hire some PPC Specialist for paid marketing consultants in Pakistan? Make sure you hire the right company who has the experience and expertise required for a strong and efficient campaign. Your paid marketing campaign needs to be highly targeted with strong statistical backing and deep analysis of business competition.

    Join "Professional SEO Training Program" and Start your career in booming and high paced industry! 

    This training program is designed for beginners, business owners and professionals who wants to enhance their skills in SEO – M. Rameez Ul Haq – SEO Consultant – SEO Trainer

    Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? SEO 2016

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    The growth of mobile phones has become undeniable. The Google mobile-friendly algorithm update of April 2015 set off a firestorm of activity as sites struggled at the last minute to ensure that their pages were compatible with mobile.

    Due to the skyrocketing growth in mobile, google emphasized webmasters to have mobile compatible websites in 2015 and we witnessed website owners struggled at the last moment to ensure that their website pages were mobile compatible and responsive to any kind of mobile device. Due to this reason almost 5 million websites adopted mobile compatibility, as I explained earlier in my last article.

    According to a marketing company,, an average of  12 billion google searches are conducted each month in the United states. This indicates that SEO will be more important than any other marketing channel to get targeted traffic, gain more visibility and develop brand reputation that every business needs to succeed. There is no point spending on content such as creative infographics if it is not visible to the audience when they search something related to your business.

    In the past 2 years, after knowing that more than 50% people search local businesses on their smartphones and more than 65% of those searches coverts to a purchase, Marketers realized the value of Mobile SEO and adopted mobile responsive websites for better search visibility.

    Why Mobile SEO is more important in 2016 than it was in the past?

    In 2016, Mr. Google not only wants you to have mobile compatible web pages, but also it should provide excellent user-experience as mobile searches have already surpassed the desktop searches in 2015. Google has asked webmasters to configure the website for AMP (accelerated mobile pages) AMP will be another ranking signal in 2016 or in early 2017, It will also benefit webmaster in saving their bandwidth. Google has also announced that they are going to be boosting the effects of the mobile-friendly algorithm they launched back on April 21, 2015 named Mobilegeddon.

    Google said the update will roll out in “beginning in May,” and it “increases the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.”


    Tip: If your website is already mobile compatible then you just need to monitor how your visitors behave with your website content and what parts are causing them exit.


    The Importance Of Mobile For A Business In Modern Culture

    The worldwide popularity of online shopping on mobile devices is increasing tremendously with the increasing growth of mobile marketing itself.

    Importance of mobile website

    Mobile growth will continue to strengthen as we head to 2016, Analysts expect more than 90% market penetration of smartphones in the US and the UK by 2016, this indicates that people will connect a business through their smartphones to learn about a brand and considering doing business with it.

    Mobile commerce has proved to be faster than what was predicted in 2012 to 2016, It was predicted by an analyst that mobile commerce will grow by 42% in the next 4 years while Mobile commerce has beat the e-commerce in last year 2015 by showing growth of more than 52%. In Markets like Pakistan Mobile commerce rapidly increased by more than 350%  in just 2 years after 3G/4G announcement on April 23, 2014. Customers are doing online shopping irrespective of their location and time using their smartphones.

    Mobile commerce is increasing 300 times faster than e-commerce and is expected to show growth of 42 percent between 2013 and 2016. Customers are using their smartphones to make purchases whenever and wherever they might be.