Do you want your website to get ahead of the search engine rankings??

You answer YES OF-COURSE but how to get best Ranking Positions in Search Engine Result Pages ( SERP’s).

Here i Compiled the Basic Rules of Search engine Optimization and Core SEO Techniques that can help you in getting Better Rankings in SERP’s and ROI (Return on Investment) as well.


1- You may aware of this phrase “Content is King in SEO“. Yes this is right! Create Quality Contents instead of Copying Contents. Search Engines specially google hates Duplicate Contents even if you have duplicate content on your own site.

2- Focus on Quality instead of Quantity believe me you will get your desired rankings if you follow Search engine optimization rules, avoid getting Back links from bad guys or Irrelevant sources.

-3: Design your website to give a good user experience not just for Search engine bolts.
-4: It’s good to Focus Google First while Creating Your Website But don’t ignore other Search Engines like Bing!

-5: Don’t Stop your work after getting good rankings, As Your Competitors don’t want to see you on on top 😉

-6: Unfortunately we missed that time when we were able to cheat search engines to get top rankings haha 😀 – Search engines became much efficient, now avoid attempting to Cheat with them!

-7: Don’t Ignore Social Media Website’s value, Include Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing in your online Marketing Campaigns.

-8: Get Links from Good authoritative websites or blogs. – Getting links from good websites will help you in getting good pagerank!

-9: Build Internal links and use Most Descriptive anchor texts.

-10: Submit Your Website in Google Places to drive local web traffic to your website.

-11: Optimize Your website for Mobile phones so user can easily navigate your website using mobile devices.

-12: As I already wrote above use/write your own content, or If  you are copying content from some other sources so must provide the source details!

-13: Don’t Forget to use Header tags when providing Headings, – don’t use more than 4 header tags !

-14: Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to monitor your efforts and Rankings.
-15: Use Webmaster tools to check and fix broken links and other errors on daily basis if possible.

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